FILM BOOK REVIEW: The Secret Language of Film

Having just finished reading master screenwriter Jean-Claude Carriere’s book The Secret Language of Film I find myself fascinated by one of his observations more than others; that of the first shot Luis Bunuel ever filmed and the last.   Continue reading FILM BOOK REVIEW: The Secret Language of Film


Writer, Director, Editor, Producer turned Crime & Punishment Film Poster Designer!

For a creative type, there’s something liberating about the new paradigm of filmmaker as entrepreneur. Low to no-budget filmmaking sees those involved wearing many hats that were traditionally reserved for the Unit Publicist; which micro-budget productions can seldom afford. Continue reading CRIME & PUNISHMENT – POSTER RELEASED!


Stephen Cleary – What an audience feels

The world’s screenwriting gurus inscribe pages of instruction to assist heroes, after their incident has been incited, to claim their personal elixir after victory in a supreme ordeal and a cathartic sacrifice. It’s noble work being the hero behind the hero. Aristotle knew it.

Stephen Cleary
Stephen Cleary addresses the audience at the VCA School of Film and TV in Melbourne, Australia.

International screenwriting lecturer and all-round story scholar, Stephen Cleary,

sailed from Australia’s shores, leaving behind the question ‘Has this focus on writing from the writer’s point of view led to better storytelling?’ Continue reading STEPHEN CLEARY – WHAT AN AUDIENCE FEELS

Visual Story by Bruce Block REVIEW

Bruce Block’s book on constructing a visual story  is both rewarding and frustrating at the same time.

As Nancy Meyer‘s testimonial says on the back cover, The Visual Story “is the only book of its kind” and to my knowledge, she’s right. To find a single volume that touches on the elements of visual design that Block’s book does is nigh on impossible; trust  me, I’ve tried.  Continue reading Visual Story by Bruce Block REVIEW


Film Book Review: Making Movies by Sidney Lumet

Seriously, if I made a film as good as Network, I’d give up making films.

…but I haven’t, so instead I read Sidney Lumet’s book. It’s a rare gem when a bona-fide master director (12 Angry Men, The Verdict, Dog Day Afternoon, Serpico, Murder on the Orient Express) writes a book about lessons learned from a lifetime in feature filmmaking. Continue reading FILM BOOK REVIEW: Making Movies


Apocalypse Films Producer Tuuli Forward’s short film, MensajeiruThe Messenger ), made its debut on the European mainland in November at the Munich International Festival of Film Schools. Writer / Director Francisca Maia was there to represent the film with the generous support of the Munich Film School. Continue reading THE MESSENGER @ MUNICH