Set in Australia and Chile, Skinned is a short film about a young architect who travels to Santiago and attempts to take a “time out” from life with tragic consequences.

The ten-minute psychological thriller, Skinned, tells the tale of a married architect (Camila Karl Dumont) on an international assignment who becomes romantically entangled with one of her clients (Leonardo Falcon Bianchi). Swept up with the city of Santiago she finds herself left to drive a foreign car down from the dark and mysterious mountains which leads to tragic consequences.

SKINNED POSTERPrincipal photography took place in May 2015 in Santiago, Chile utilising some of the cities most unique locations such as GAM, the authentic Chilean bar La Piojera and Santa Lucia.

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Director: Andrew O’Keefe

Screenplay: Andrew O’Keefe and Tuuli Forward

Starring: Camilla Karl Dumont and Leonardo Falcon Bianchi

Producers: Andrew O’Keefe, Tuuli Forward and Miguel Lara Alday

Co-Producers: Gonzalo Ignacio Manzo Silva, Michel Toledo and Victor Araneda