Skinned Festival Debut


Apocalypse Films is very pleased to spread the news that the little short film we made last year, Skinned, is about to have its international debut in two countries: Canada and Russia.

SKINNED POSTERSkinned is the story of a married architect who returns to her home city of Santiago, Chile, to pitch for an infrastructure contract. Leading the project is her old lover. Can she remain faithful when faced with such a close working relationship?

The film has been officially selected for screening at both Canada Shorts and the Russian International Film Festival.

Canada Shorts,  pridecs-logo-2s itself on screening film made with limited budgets and crew,  therefore it is no surprise that they chose Skinned due to it’s guerrilla nature and micro crew! The film was primarily made by Andrew O’Keefe upon a work trip from Australia to Chile. Taking on the majority of roles himself, the film fits the Canada Shorts mission well.

russia ffThe Russian International Film Festival has no particular requirements but is of special interest to us due to our feature film, Crime and Punishment, being ready for release. The Russian connection is one that we’d hoped to facilitate and this official selection of a short film will help immensely.

Congratulations to all involved.

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