The Sightings is an eight-part, non-fiction podcast that unravels the mystery behind a series of UFOs reported in Pyramid Hill, Australia in 1977.

After the death of his mother, filmmaker Andrew O’Keefe rediscovers an old family photograph of his grandfather standing in a mysterious circle in a wheat field. The circle, his grandfather believed, was created by visiting UFOs — a story that quickly became a kind of family lore. Forty years later, Andrew discovers that this was not an isolated sighting, but just one such event in a spate of sightings reported by national media in late 1977 around the tiny Victorian town of Pyramid Hill.
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1978)
In this investigative podcast, produced by sisters Tuuli Forward and Marleena Forward, Andrew returns to his rural childhood town armed with the mysterious photograph to hunt for more clues. Over the course of eight episodes, Andrew talks to members of the Pyramid Hill community who witnessed these strange events, as well as those who remain skeptical. While the mystery of the sightings form the narrative spine of this series, the broader focus will explore belonging — how our sense of belonging informs our individual identities, through to family, community, belief systems and to the far reaches of the universe.
Pyramid Hill, Australia. The location of multiple UFO sightings in 1977
Dark was the Night, Cold was the Ground – by Blind Willie Johnson (1927)