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When will The Sightings Podcast be completed?

At the moment we are still deep in production. There are hundreds of hours of interviews and recordings for us to organise and edit. After that, there’s narration and sound mix an many other steps.
At this point we are at least a year away from relase.

How will I be notified when The Sightings is ready?

You can keep an eye on our website, www.apocalypsefilms/com/thesightings
Also, please like our facebook page –
Alternatively, send us an email via our contact page and we will notify you.



Arte you interested in other UFO events?

Whilst we are fans of UFO sightings and find the whole area fascinating, we have a personal connection to this particular series of events and, therefore, that needs to remain our focus.
If you have other information the Pyramid Hill / Leitchville sightings of 1977, please fill in this form:

How do I submit ideas or scripts to be considered?

The simple answer is you can’t.¬†We are a very small production company that works exclusively on projects of our own development.
Good luck with your projects.