Max Rockatansky (Mel Gibson) with his gun


Pray he’s out there somewhere…

Here at Apocalypse Films we’re big fans of all George Miller‘s work. The Mad Max movies, however, hold a special fondness; our company name might give you that idea.

The fascination with the apocalyptic soon-to-be quadrilogy, stems back to the late 70’s when Apocalypse Films director Andrew O’Keefe  (at the ripe age of seven) was wriggling in the backseat of the family wagon stuck at a roadblock.
Out the windscreen, George Miller was filming the exploding caravan scene from Mad Max. The scene stuck in Andrew’s mind.

mad max caravan

The exploding caravan scene from the original Mad Max, filmed in regional Victoria.

fast-forward almost thirty years and Andrew  was working on a television commercial when the props guy and he got into a conversation about Mad Max 2.  Turns out that the props guy had worked on that film, thirty years earlier, and still had a key prop in his possession: the music box that Max gives to the Feral Kid. Slightly disappointed that the prop didn’t play “Happy Birthday ” as it does in the film, nevertheless Andrew couldn’t resist this snap!

mad max music box

(L) Andrew O’Keefe with a key prop from the film (R) Mad Max 2 (aka The Road Warrior)

Two days ago I saw a rig that could haul that tanker. You want to get out of here… You talk to me.

So, now our palpable excitement is building around the fourth instalment of George Miller’s franchise, Mad Max with the soon to be released Mad Max Fury Road.

The trailer looks simply crazy. This ain’t no Babe, ain’t no Happy Feet and sure ain’t no Beyond Thunderdome.



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