stickers and flyers of Marty's independent party

We’re going to give away our first film for free. Are we crazy? or is it all about audience?

It’s been almost seven years since Apocalypse Films debut feature film, The Independent,  hit the cinemas throughout Australia.  “The Independent is a rare gem in the Australian comedy landscape… an endearing and distinctly Australian look at politics with the most endearing protagonist” FilmInk Magazine The Independent garnered excellent reviews from some of Australia’s preeminent film critics and ran an extraordinary 6 weeks in some selected cinemas. The film is a collaboration between writer/director/editors Andrew O’Keefe and John StudleyThe Independent posterIt was also the first feature-length collaboration between Andrew O’Keefe and actor Lee Mason with the second, Crime & Punishment, to be released later this year. A political satire that is “charming …  poignant …  but with a deeply cynical undercurrent“, the film stays current and of the zeitgeist in the politically unstable times.  Art mirrors life when an independent candidate finds himself responsible for the balance of power. You’ll soon be able to see the film right here – but until then, watch the trailer.

Now, we’ve decided to give the film away for free.  For all those people who’ve wanted to see The Independent but couldn’t – or didn’t want to pay for the pleasure – the end is nigh. Stay tuned right here for more information.

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