Apocalypse Films Producer Tuuli Forward’s short film, MensajeiruThe Messenger ), made its debut on the European mainland in November at the Munich International Festival of Film Schools. Writer / Director Francisca Maia was there to represent the film with the generous support of the Munich Film School.

the messenger

The Messenger – On location in East Timor

Francisca, a native of East Timor, was a guest of the festival, one of the largest student film festivals in Europe, where she was given an up close and personal tour of the Arri factory. Arri, synonymous with 35mm motion picture photography, has its home-base in Munich and is a long-standing supporter of the festival.

The Messenger

The Messenger director, Francisca Maia, visits the home of Arri in Munich Germany.

The festival, running along side the parent festival, the Munich International Film Festival, brings together graduated film students from all over the world for a two-week long celebration of cinema.

Congratulations Tuuli and Francisca.

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